Audacity Would be This

Mark Karlin:  Audacity Would be This: Medicare for Everyone

Single-Payer Poll, Survey, and Initiative Results

Supporting Single-Payer Health Care

Foon Rhee:  Nader Nags Obama on Single Payer Healthcare

Steve Rendall:  Obama’s Doctor Supports Single Payer: Conservative Media Confused

Christine Bowman:  Single-Payer Gets Face Time Before House Ways and Means: ‘Everybody’s In, Nobody’s Out’ Says Quentin Young

Dave Lindorff:  The Simple Answer to America’s Health Care Crisis, Medicare for All

Herbert Hoffman:  Single-Payer — A Plan to be Embraced, Not Feared

P.M. Carpenter:  The agonizing road to single-payer

Nicholas Skala:  ‘Public Option’ Pales Next to Single Payer

Rhonda Hackett:  Debunking Canadian health care myths

Bill Mann  Americans Who’ve Used Canada’s Health-Care System Respond to Current Big-Lie Media Campaign

Karen Dolan:  Hey Progressives, Join Forces to Fight the Health Insurance Industry!

Clive Crook:  Medicare for all may be the best cure for the US

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